Laboratory Automatic Flake Ice Makers MS2-MaxiFlake60

Laboratory Automatic Flake Ice Maker, Capacity: 60kg/day

Laboratory Automatic Flake Ice Maker is compact in size, made of highly durable material with energy eficient features. Increased eficiency gives quick production of ice flakes with ice making capacity 60 kg/day. Self contained storage bin eliminates the need of a separate storage unit.

Used in Pharmaceutical, Biochemical and biological studies, Biotechnology, Medical laboratories, Research laboratories and moleculer biology laboratories.

Produces granular shape ice flakes, Full automatic running and easy to use,

Indicator system to indicate ice and water level,

High eficiency CFC free compressor, economical and low energy consumption,

Air cooled condenser,

High quality stainless steel construction, Overload protection, low noise level, Ergonomically designed ice storage bin door,

Product includes ice scoop, tap water hose and waste water hose.

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Flake ice production capacity

60kg/ day

Flake ice storage capacity



W.398 x D.542 x H. 700 mm

Net Weight

40 kg

Refrigerant gas


Electrical voltage

220V/ 50Hz

MS2-MaxiFlake60-ENG-Laboratory flake ice maker-MaxiLab Biotechnology.pdf

Tap water pre-filtration system