MS5-MaxiPCR series PCR Workstation Cabinets, Class-I

The PCR Workstations Cabinets create an ideal environment for preparing PCR master mixes and other reactions by reducing any possible sample contamination.

Maxilab Biotechnology PCR  workstation cabinet's HEPA-filtered laminar flow and UV decontamination technology provides superior protection against cross-contamination within the main chamber making it the proven solution for contaminant-free PCR.

LCD control panel 

Motorized front window

UV lamp with timer control for decontamination

With HEPA filter design

Waterproof electrical Sockets (inside the cabinet)

Anti UV, 5mm strengthened glass Front and Side windows

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HEPA Filter

99.999% efficiency for particles ≥ 0.3 µm

External Surface Structure

Steel with anti-bacterial powder coating

Work Table

Stainless steel, AISI 304


LED 8W x 2

LED 40W x 1

LED 12W x 2


UV Lamb

20W x 1

20W x 2

30W x 1

40W x 1

253nm UV lamb with timer function

External Dimensions, WxDxH

800x700x1770 mm

1000x705x1770 mm

1300x700x1770 mm

1500x700x1770 mm

Internal Dimensions, WxDxH

700x595x550 mm

900x569x560 mm

1200x595x550 mm

1400x595x550 mm

Working surface internal height


Noise Level


Standard Accessory

Footed support stand / UV lamp / Lighting lamp/ waterproof electric socket

Installed Power




Power Ratings

220V, 50Hz.

Air Flow speed


Support stand wheel


Weight, gross

130 kg

150 kg

180 kg

200 kg

Packed dimentions, WxDxH

950 x 930 x 1370 mm

1150 x 930 x 1370 mm

1450 x 930 x 1370 mm

1650 x 930 x 1370 mm

MS5-MaxiPCR series PCR workstation cabinets cabinets-Maxilab Biotechnology.pdf