MS3-MaxiPCR96 Gradient Thermal Cycler, PCR instrument

Gradient PCR instrument is a gene amplification instrument with gradient PCR function derived from ordinary PCR instrument. It is widely used in molecular biology, disease research, universitiy laboratories, research centers and other fields.

The interface operation is simple and convenient, compact size.

The lastest generation of semiconductor technology, excellent augmentation performance, effectively eleminate the edge effect of module heat conduction, the module temperature uniformity is excellent. Built in multi channel refrigeration film, several sensors are evenly distributed, the program temperature control is more precise

5 inch TFT high definition full color screen, can quickly edit the required files, visual display of temperature cuırve, convenient and fast setting, accuare display of temperature curve and instrument running progress status in real time.

The system has a built in gradient calculator, which can easily obtain accurate annealing temperature for different experimental samples to optimize

The Thermal cycler insturment have genious elastic hot cover structure design. Adapts to the different height test tube, guarantees the best conditions for the test. PCR reaction conditions.

The instrument have real time display of gradient temperature and real time temperature display.

The insrument have settable lid temperature system. The hot lid temperature and working mode can be set, hot lid can be switched on and off  test tube temperature control mode and module temperature control mode can be choose to meet more different experimental requirements.

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Single step time range


Temperature range


Sample capacity


Max. Heatng speed


Max. Cooling speed


Temp. uniformity


Temp. accuracy


Temp. display resolution


Temp. control method

Block/ Tube

Gradient temp. uniformity


Gradient temp. accuracy


Gradient temp. range


Gradient temp. Difference range


Hot cover temp. range


Max. Steps of the program


Program max. Cycle number


Time increment/ decrease

-599 / +599s

Temp. increment/ decrease

-9.9 / +9.9°C

Program pause function


16°C insulation


Display, controller

5 inch, 800x480 Pixel

Program storage quantity


Communication interface

USB 2.0

Input power

100-240V AC6.6-3.1 A 50/60Hz

Dimentions, WxDxH


Net weight

4.3 kgs

MS3-MaxiPCR96 Gradient thermal cycler-ENG-Maxilab biotechnology.pdf